About electroluminescence technology
The electroluminescent lamp (EL) was invented in 1936. Due to its outstanding characteristics-lightweight, thin and uniform emit light, EL technology was first introduced by the military. Therefore, it is widely used in aviation equipment and safety sign lighting applications. Around the 1970s, this powerful and flexible product attracted some pioneers and creative designers, who took the initiative to put forward decorative requirements. But by then, the EL market has concentrated on high-end, high-value applications. Such as the backlight device of the dashboard.
Until 1996, EL technology has been applied to backlight watch and clocks, and the large demand for EL caused prices to break the critical point of market barriers. When the price became reasonable and acceptable, many people began to explore different applications. Since then, EL technology has reached its peak in various applications.

Product and Service:
As a manufacturer in this industry, we provide customers with traditional backlight applications. Such as EL backlight applications (watches, device displays, keyboards, billboards, etc.), advertising signs, architectural signs, decorative lighting, luminous clothing, badges, etc.
We also continue to work with the world's leaders in various industries to develop and apply EL lamps to different industries. Fortunately, leaders in various industries in the world provided much different advice, and our technical team tried it out. The advantages of electroluminescence technology are brought into full play and extended to the application of 3D products.

Market prospects with customers:
As a company facing the world, our goal is to produce outstanding products through endless creativity. We hope to share the fruitful results with our customers so as to open up new markets for this technology. You are welcome to send us inquiries and comments, and we will try our best to turn the idea into a factual product.

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