Fulcom (Marshal) is a Hong Kong based company that was established back in 1997 and deal mostly in the design, development and manufacturing of Electronic Products. We mainly provide an Electroluminescence Lamp and product.   

Fulcom (Marshal) Co.,Ltd. is a technology-intensive Electroluminescence products manufacturer and exporter. Our company has over 20 years solid experience in the art coupled with the latest production technologies and high quality raw materials from different countries. Our China based factory has built up a strong production team as we employ sound qualified engineers who have excellent experience in art, electronic and mechanical design. Our engineering staff has more than twenty years combined experience in the electroluminescence industry (EL).

As a global company, our objective is to open new markets for this technology by producing top notch products at the lowest cost possible for our clients. To accomplish this goal, over the years weĄŠve developed an automated manufacturing process that ensures quality stability, reduces waste and labor costs by synthesizing seemingly unrelated technologies.

Our factory is conveniently located in Dongguan China and employs approximately 60 staff and workers. We are also equipped with a number of silkscreen printing and punching machines. In addition, we use a wide variety of test equipment and devices to ensure that we can always produce top quality products.

With our vast range of expertise in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), we will assist and guide you through every step in your project from inception to a packaged product that meets our exceeded your expectation at very competitive costs. We strive to be flexible, cordial and above all go the extra mile to satisfy our clients.

We are looking forward to establish a long term mutually beneficial relation with you.

Fulcom (Marshal) Company Limited
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